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"There are three responses to a piece of design - 

Yes, No and Wow!

Wow is the one to aim for."


I love this quote because it says so well what I am about.  When I am pulling together a look for a client, I draw on all that I have learned of their taste and lifestyle as well as all that I have learned about what actually works in a space and put it together to form a picture that I want them to be both shocked and delighted by.


I have worked in TV so maybe thats why I like visuals so much and I have worked in journalism so maybe thats why I am so interested in people but what you really want to know is why I started helping people with their homes - because friends kept asking me about how we did our own home renovations.


Probably just like you I started in a smaller property and as our family grew so did our needs. I learned a lot adapting our homes and then those of other people around us - all on the north shore of Sydney.


My first company name was Campaign Interiors which I created in 2015 mostly to style family homes for sale, but as more styling clients asked me to help them set up their new homes as well, I offered more services to meet their needs and my business grew.


I changed my company name to Simply Sorted Design which now provides interior design for houses big and small consisting of;

colour consultations for paint selection and placement,

advice on selection of finishes and fixtures on all surfaces both interior and exterior - whatever the client wishes, from a full workup covering every aspect from lighting, fixtures, fittings, finishes and window treatments to each item of furniture,  and accessories and their positioning.  Basically I can fit in from any stage from conceptual to sourcing and installation. If you are after something special, custom items are not a problem. 





Interior Design

I like to listen and find out who my clients are, what they like to do, what kind of style they have, and what problems they are having with their homes (yes, I know some things are bugging you).

Then I really like to suggest solutions to the property dilemmas they've listed, as well as a few they hadn't articulated, and surprise them with the potential of their own property.

Thats why I have fun doing what I do, because I like the people I work for (that's you) and I have fun showing them how solvable their property problems are.

I also relish delivering a look that is perfectly in tune with each property's architecture and a client's own furnishings, with a dash of something extra, not a repeat of something I have done elsewhere. 

I start with an in home consultation which lasts 90mins and for some people thats all they ever need. Just a little troubleshooting and to be pointed in the right direction.

For those clients who need more help, I listen to what they are asking for and tailor a proposal that will meet their unique needs, listing all the ways I can assist them, how much help you want from me is entirely up to you. 

If it's a refresh that you need for only a few troublesome rooms, I will offer a simple plan for that.  If renovations are involved, my proposal will include 2D and if needed 3D drawings so you can be crystal clear on what my solutions actually look like before you have done a thing.

After you are happy with the solutions I have described, then the real fun starts as we go about getting things done, with your involvement being as hands on or hands off as you desire.

Partial Styling

When you have decided you are ready to sell your home, you have a lot to do.

I like to take some of the stress out of that list by making the styling part, simple. 

I can show you what you can use from your own belongings and what you won't need, gently.

I also bring in those new key pieces that freshen everything up and add the texture and colour that you probably always wanted to add but didn't have the time.

Full Styling

If you have decided to go all out and give your home a completely new look, you've come to the right place.

I enjoy creating a unique look that suits the architecture of the home, and isn't the same as what the buyer saw at the last house they inspected.

I carefully choose each piece of furniture, every plant, cushion, duvet cover and artwork to work together to show off all of the best features of your property.

This is styling that works hard to make spaces look more functional, more relevant, more inviting and more beautiful.


Tel: +61 412 556 277

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